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The wood in AraucoPly® premium panels originates in certified, sustainably managed plantation forests. No native forest wood or genetically modified trees are used to produce any AraucoPly® product. In addition, the wood used in AraucoPly® premium panels is of verified legal origin. AraucoPly® is brought to market in the United States in full compliance with the regulations of the USDA’s Lacey Act, governing the importation of plant-based products.

The forests that provide wood for AraucoPly® are certified as being managed in compliance with the rigorous, independent, third-party standards of CERTFOR, Chile’s national forest management standard endorsed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).

These internationally recognized standards are your assurance that AraucoPly® premium panels originate in plantations that are managed in an environmentally appropriate and socially responsible manner.

ARAUCO has conducted two carbon footprint assessments of its operations in Chile, Brazil and Argentina. These studies indicated that ARAUCO’s carbon footprint is at the low end of those reported by the forest products industry. The company is on a path to further reduce its carbon footprint in the years ahead.

To minimize its greenhouse-gas signature, ARAUCO powers its AraucoPly® manufacturing facilities and many others, with energy generated from clean, renewable, forest-biomass fuel. The company operates a total of ten biomass-fueled power plants, eight in Chile and two in Argentina. Most of these biomass power plants have been designed with generation capacity that exceeds the needs of the mills they serve. Some of this surplus energy is sold to electric markets in the countries of operation, helping to alleviate national energy shortages and reducing national dependence on fossil fuels.

AraucoPly’s exceptional quality, superior appearance, flatness and dimensional stability are ensured through ARAUCO’s rigorous standards of sustainable forest management, log selection, and process control.

AraucoPly® panels are made from pruned, plantation-grown Radiata pine logs for fewer knots and clean, uniform, light-colored faces that finish beautifully and consistently. For flatness and stability, AraucoPly® panels are laid up on composed cores using exterior PF resin. AraucoPly® sanded panels are manufactured in accordance with the US PS1-09 product standard and the Siding products with the ANSI/APA PRP 210-2008 standard. AraucoPly® ACX and BCX panels are PSI-compliant, as verified by TPI. All panels are stamped with the applicable certification information.

Its composed-core construction, and consistent, clean face has made AraucoPly® the panel of choice for a multitude of interior and exterior applications demanding stability, durability, and superior appearance.

AraucoPly® Premium Sanded plywood are among the highest-graded AC products on the market today. Available in thicknesses from 1/4 to 31/32 inch, AraucoPly® are ideal for use in casework, furniture, high-pressure laminations, and a host of industrial, homebuilding, remodeling, and DIY applications.
AN (AA) and B Deco panels are available for appearance applications. BC and CP panels also are available for use in construction and in furniture manufacturing.

Pre-sanded and ready to finish, AraucoPly® Beaded panels are laid-up on composed cores and bonded with exterior PF resin, making them ideal for applications including soffits, porch ceilings, interior paneling and wainscot.

Available in a range of thicknesses, surface treatments, and groove options, AraucoPly® Premium Siding is laid-up on a composed core with minimal voids ensuring stability, performance, and excellent fastener retention.

  Warmth of real wood
Veneer from pruned, plantation-grown, Radiata pine logs is used to make the face of AraucoPly® panels, resulting in a knot-free, uniform, light-colored surface that finishes beautifully and consistently. AraucoPly® delivers the warmth of natural wood to any visible application.  

Arauco Plywood Facility / Chile
Horcones Industrial Forestry Complex. Arauco Province, Bío Bío Region.

Annual production capacity: About 350,000 m3 of radiata pine marketed under the AraucoPly® brand.
Product quality certifications: PS1-09; EN 13986; JAS; AS-NZS 2269; DIN-68705 P30, BS 5268.

Nueva Aldea Plywood Facility / Chile
Nueva Aldea Industrial Forestry Complex. Ránquil, Bío Bío Region.

Annual production capacity: About 350,000 m3 of radiata pine marketed under the AraucoPly® brand. This mill is in the start-up process, and is expected to reach full production in late 2014.


ARAUCO in the World

For more than 40 years, ARAUCO has been driven forward by its vision of being a global leader in sustainable forest products. During this time, we have evolved into one of the most respected forestry companies in the world, not only for the size and health of our plantation forests, the quality of our products, and superior customer service, but for our technical innovation, environmental responsibility and social commitment as well.

Our natural resources are the cornerstone of our sustainability. Through Bioforest, ARAUCO’s scientific and technological research center, we apply leading-edge biotechnology to the development of new ways to increase the quality, productivity and performance of our forest plantations, as well as conservation and protection strategies to more than 962,008 acres of native forest within our forest holdings.

The products and services provided by ARAUCO’s forestry, wood pulp, sawn timber, panels, and energy business areas embody the company’s commitment to sustainable resource management. ARAUCO employs certified production processes that have minimal environmental impact to deliver a broad range of high quality products, meeting the needs of customers in more than 70 countries.

By carefully analyzing market trends, ARAUCO is able to anticipate market needs and have the right mix of products available for its customers. Through its sales offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Holland, Japan, Mexico, Peru and the United States, and sales agents in many other countries, ARAUCO delivers a superior level of customer service. This sales network, together with the company’s state-of-the-art global logistics system covering transportation, loading/unloading, storage and distribution, has earned ARAUCO a reputation for consistent availability and timely delivery the world over.

ARAUCO’s success is based on satisfying our customers with quality products and services while balancing the company’s needs with those of our employees, the environment, and the people who live near our facilities and plantations. This is the starting point for the responsible and efficient management of our natural resources, the occupational health and safety of our workers and our active contribution to social development and welfare in the communities in which we operate.


1,116,450 Million Hectares
5 Nurseries
5 Pulp Mills
2 Panel Mills
8 Sawmills
5 Remanufacturing Plants
2 Plywood Mills
10 Power Plants

263,391 Hectares
2 Nurseries
1 Pulp Mills
2 Panel Mills
1 Resin Facility
1 Sawmill
1 Remanufacturing Plants
2 Power Plants

110,971 Hectares
5 Nurseries
1 Pulp Mill under construction

144,944 Hectares
1 Nursery
2 Panel Mills
1 Resin Facility

6 Panel Mills

2 Panel Mills

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